Professor Richard de Dear

Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning

Professor de Dear is the Director of the University of Sydney's Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) LaboratoryProfessor de Dear is a world leader in the thermal comfort field and he accumulates decades of experience in IEQ, field and laboratory studies and international thermal comfort standards. 





The BOSSA project was developed by The University of Sydney and University of Technology, Sydney and industry partners as part of a research project funded by the Australian Research Council (ARC) linkage scheme (grant number LP1102000328).  





Dr Christhina Candido

Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning

Dr Candido is a Senior Lecturer with the Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning at the University of SydneyAn architect by training, her research expertise and interest relate to Indoor Environmental Quality, Post-Occupancy Evaluation, workspace design, Activity-Based Working (ABW), thermal comfort and passive design. 




A/Professor Leena Thomas

University of Technology, Sydney

Associate Professor Thomas heads the Environmental Studies strand at the School of Architecture at UTS. Thomas focuses her research on interrogating and transforming contemporary design practices to be responsive to global concerns for climate change, zero carbon development and high quality living/work environments. 



Dr Jungsoo Kim

Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning

Dr Kim is a Research Associate at the IEQ Lab. He received his PhD in Architectural Science from the University of Sydney and his project focused on the impact of IEQ factors on occupant comfort. His background includes research on human thermal comfort, building performance assessment and building envelope systems.